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About the Project

On this project BSI provided QL-A, B, C, and D information for the first phase of Harvard University’s Allston Campus Development encompassing some 300 acres of Commercial & Residential property. BSI was selected by the Allston Development Group to be the SUE consultant for this project.

BSI provided QL-B electronic utility designation, related record utility research, numerous confined space entries, 155 QL-A vacuum excavation test holes and all related traffic management services on densely populated urban arterial streets such as Western Ave and North Harvard Street in Allston, MA. All SUE survey data collected for this project was prepared with associated “intelligent” attribute blocks. This allowed the data collected to be imported directly into the owners GIS system.

In addition to the data usually collected, each line is permanently and individually “stamped” with information such as quality level, year of the investigation and the name of the company performing the investigation. In addition information that normally can’t be included due to labeling space restrictions such as owner name and date of installation of the facility is included in the attribute block and can be displayed if desired.

In this project area one of the agencies from which construction permits had to be obtained required a datum base other than the datum base that the information was collected in. Because the Rim and Invert information was stored as “Intelligent Attribute Data” the GIS system was able to recalculate the rim and invert elevations and automatically re-label the drawings.

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