Subsurface Utility Engineering is a discipline dedicated to the location and mapping of utilities.  The need to locate and map the underground infrastructure has never been so important and every professional who is involved with design or construction is required under CI/ASCE 38-02 to review the project requirements and determine if SUE services will be a necessity.

Our combined staff has over 40 years’ experience working with subsurface utility and engineering design projects with a flawless performance record. BSI has provided professional services for numerous state / city agencies, water / waste water industries, higher educational facilities, medical facilities, commercial / industrial facilities, Departments of Transportation and many more.

As of result of BSI Companies, many of our clientele have enjoyed the luxury of zero accidents, claims, greatly reduced construction change orders and an increase in quality design products. Many others have found our services after major accidents or change orders rendering the hard reality that Subsurface Utility Investigation is as important as any Geotechnical or Environmental Investigation, primarily, at the preliminary engineering phase of a project.  For more information in regards to BSI’s capabilities and our available services please call us at 1-844-471-1737 or email by filling out the contact form.